Sillier than Sally ,Watercolor Paintings

Sally Walsh  known as SillierthanSally is a mixed media & water Colour Professional Artist.

Designer & Illustrator based in SYD, AUS.  “A few of the things that make my heart skip a beat are: My little two year old son, my captain awesome pants husband, my treetop art studio, bear hugs, wine filled catch ups with friends and family….and pretty much anything colorful and arty farty”.

look at those layers of paint. Every inch of the work is its own art piece. Such colorful detail.

Sally Walsh | Sillier Than Sally–“My figurative art reads like the musings of an unfinished daydream….emerging, and unfolding through my layered and intuitive creation process to become often biter-sweet, nostalgic pieces with a sense of delicacy peaking through bold colours and form. My pieces have a push and pull, of realistically rendered elegant female & animal imagery, juxtaposing against often layered/collaged vintage backgrounds, that are built up with loose modulating lines, gestural imagery & painterly drippy brush strokes”.


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