Beautiful Mixed-Media Artworks by Teagan White

Beautiful Mixed-Media Artworks by Teagan White.

Teagan White is an artist and outsider naturalist devoted to the flora and fauna of a planet in decline. Their delicate gouache and watercolor paintings and intricate line drawings lament the fraught relationship between humans and the rest of the Earth, and explore the tenderness and brutality that coexist in all of Nature. Through muted colors, ornamental layouts, and meticulous detail, the work asks viewers to look beyond aesthetic appeal or scientific dogma, and allow compassion and intuition to guide their interpretation.

Teagan’s work is influenced by years of living in the bleak Midwest and Great Lakes region, burying roadkill, traveling by bike, and working with wildlife. They recently relocated to the Pacific Northwest, where savage coasts lined with dead seabirds and mossy old growth forests are creeping into their paintings.  You can see more on her Instagram, and pick up prints, stickers, and other goods in their shop., Submit your Artwork and join our artists @ TO BE FEATURED. stay up to date with our latest videos please subscribe to Artpeople YouTube channel on the link below! Thank you