Mystery – Advanced Typography


Mystery is a project that was caught  through the flowing of my mind. It’s not only about Mystery, it’s about the way that I got from my own window- and my real window, when I worked with letters and texts, everyday, every moment of my time I’ve thought about a message: What’s the Typography around us, a world with the coming back of Calligraphy and Script style with brush, it’s fast and beautiful of course. But I’m chasing for something out of them, I follow the call of the unification – of letters and illustrations, I follow the details of each smallest piece, I’m trying to catch the new way of each character – which was modern and touch the life style, no more traditional swooshes decoration, no more ancient parts, no more old lines hanging around, and of course no more ribbons.

Through 9 months with each single artwork, I created the Mystery not with only in the meaning of illustration but also in the approach of every single word. Each one has its particular story, when the illustration – which was also the combination of some other elements plays with the Typography – to become the one …

And Welcome to my Mystery

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