Alessandra Rossi Sculpture by the Sea

Alessandra Rossi. Alessandra’s love for site-specific installations began in Venice,

where she used the walls of abandoned palazzos to place her symbolic and figurative imagery in the context of the multi-layered textures of Venetian architecture.
Her work has always explored the relationship between what is visible and what is invisible, what is superficial, on the surface and what is inside, deeper, hidden. She successfully conjures an ambiguous environment, one where presence is virtual, where people exist in the memory of place.

Alessandra Rossi #artpeople
Her work lies between narrative and abstraction, responding to her instinct, her discernment with space and time, as an expression of her moods and thoughts. Time is essential her work, as the development of a theme unfolds with the working out of thoughts and emotions on canvas, helping her to comprehend that which eludes her. More : Alessandra Rossi

Alessandra Rossi #artpeople

Alessandra was born in Friuli in northern Italy in 1968, but spent most of her formative years in Venice, in the company of a vibrant international artistic community.Following study at SACI in Florence and the Pratt Institute in Venice in 1989. Currently she is working on ‘ Pixelated Cloud”  a temporary public art work for the High Street Mall in Fremantle  Western Australia

Alessandra Rossi #artpeople

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