Peter Stewart Photography

Peter Stewart is amongst a rare breed of modern artists, breaking the mold with his conceptual based imagery and unique style of fine art travel photography.


With a mere 7 years behind the camera, Peter has slowly built up a reputable portfolio of award winning images, and established himself amongst the ranks of the worlds best known travel photographers.

Peter Stewart Photography

Entirely self-taught, Peter’s interest in photography started during his early solo backpacking trips around South-East Asia, where the desire to document and capture the beauty of Asian landscapes and sprawling megacities took hold.

Peter Stewart Photography





Born in Australia, and with half his life spent in England, Peter later made the move back to his home city of Perth in his mid 20’s. In 2014, he decided to embrace the nomadic lifestyle and travel almost exclusively full time. Moving to Hong Kong as a second home upon which to base his movements around Asia.

Peter’s images often focus upon the themes of mass scale and the abstract. Showcasing architecture and urban sprawl within Asia’s megacities.

Although Peter embraces a highly digital workflow to produce and manipulate his images, he is also a vocal supporter of traditional film photography. Still opting to shoot 35mm film for many of his personal projects and street photography.

Peter Stewart Photography   .

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