Wire sculptures by Julie Joly

Wire sculptures by Julie Joly.

Born in 1989 in the island of Reunion, Julie Joly grew up in an environment where writing and art occupy an important place. After studying political science and experience in communication in the luxury sector, she decided to take an artistic path. She won the Prix Célimène in 2015, which rewards the young female talents of the island of Réunion and has since devoted herself to wire-sculpture.

Julie Joly’s project is to create works on the border of drawing and sculpture. Evoking sketches and sketches, his three-dimensional achievements bring the bodies in volume, underlining their essential lines. Seeking to suggest the forms, the works play with the depth, the shadow and the vacuum thus evolving in space according to the adopted point of view. The spectator is invited to look at them from different perspectives in order to grasp their plurality. Drawing on literature and philosophy, the artist tries to incarnate notions or questions through figurative sculptures. Metamorphosis, blur, in-between, movement, transcendence or religion are, for example, themes that inspire it.




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