Sculptural assemblages Built From Found Organic Specimens by Shona Wilson

Sculptural assemblages Built From Found Organic Specimens by Shona Wilson.

Artist Shona Wilson consciously inverts this process by using objects sourced in her environment as a commentary on our growing disconnection from nature. Wilson brings together objects that would often be overlooked, or remain completely unseen, and through intricate construction creates beautiful sculptures that both respond and integrate into the natural environment.

“the smaller the object the more precious it seems… fragility and care are implied and this sets up a very direct emotional response for the viewer.”

COLLABORATIONS WITH NATURE are playful art explorations. Held outdoors, they offer a unique experience  between your imagination, and the incredible variety of natural environments and materials so often overlooked in our busy lives. Limited to 10 people, these 1-day ephemeral sculpture workshops engender intimate creative experiences using Nature as our catalyst and touchstone.

 Shona Wilson

This workshop provides the time, space and inspiration for you to create works using materials and elements found on site on the day of the workshop. Shona provides a framework of ideas, and a safe and inspiring environment for you to learn to access your creativity anywhere!

 Shona Wilson

Working closely with natural materials over the past 20 years has brought so many joyful surprises and positive experiences for me. My hope is by offering small scale workshops many people may have the opportunity to creatively engage with the natural environment in a rich and sensitive way, bringing awareness and rebirth to things which are usually bypassed and unseen.I have found throughout my career that the process of focusing on and rearranging of natural materials brings me into a state of presence or awareness that is both peaceful yet potent with possibility.

Shona Wilson 2014

You can learn more about her collaborations with nature, and sign up for a class on her website.

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