Bronze sculptures of Master Vittorio Tessaro

Bronze becomes art in the skillful hands of Vittorio Tessaro.

Sculptures and statues in bronze with various female figures, artistic nudes,warriors, and other animals.His representations of statue of woman are particularly admired, capturing femininity in its maximum state of purity, femininity which Vittorio cleverly manages to set in the various moments of daily life.

This is also one of the aspects that characterize each bronze statue by the sculptural artist Vittorio Tessaro: unlike the work of other artists, his art does not try to be “ethereal” or “unreachable” but a heartfelt tribute to the beauty of nature and of life in its various facets, in which we can all be reflected and find ourselves: mother and child, pair of lovers, warriors in combat, the strength and elegance of animals, the female body from which life itself originates…

Sculture e statue in bronzo con varie figure di statua donna, nudi artistici, maternità, ballerine, guerrieri, cavalli, tori e altri animali e statuette personalizzate su commissione. Inoltre monumenti in bronzo e vendita statue giardino. Il bronzo diventa arte nelle sapienti mani di Vittorio Tessaro: ogni opera è un pezzo unico!