Bronze sculptures by Spanish artist Jesús Curiá


The atmosphere surrounding Jesus Curia’s artworks can be best described as a thought on humanity and its components. Jesus Curia aims at showing the unity of human being but also intends to denounce the drifts of our consumer society, particularly the workers alienation.
His sculptures represent the universal human, abolishing the boarders and the characteristics that could distinguish and divide us.
The choice of the different medium used by Jesus Curia is of a preeminent importance in the understanding of his work. By his meticulous selection of first choice materials, the Spanish artist wishes to outline the complexity of humanity. For instance, in the amazing « Helicoïde » the softness finds an echo on the polished wood that oppose itself to the rough patina of the bronze.
As humans all have a part of agressivity, brutality but also of sensitiveness, Jesus Curia only shows us the complexity of our specie. via, Submit your Artwork and join our artists @ TO BE FEATURED.