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Meo 974 : “I want to denounce certain discrimination that exist behind the” live together Reunion “says this talented graffiti artist.

The Artist is born traveler, everything’s journey to his mind, and, without leaving the corner of his fire or the shade of his garden, he is allowed to browse all the ways of the world. Meo 974 is the one who has the sense of real life, who enjoys the inspiration ,and who likes everything that is beautiful without making categories.

“sweep in front of your door before sweeping in front of the door your neighbor” by meo. 974

A sad true story is hiding behind this artwork that Meo has very well known illustrate and represent it-Tina Meamar

Nobody is born with hatred for each other because of the color of his skin, or his origin, or religion. People must be taught to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can learn to love because love most naturally springs from the human heart than its opposite. “- Nelson Mandela.

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