Ganech Joe | portrait


I am an artist digitalis resident in Belgium, my creative universe is to diversify between creations of cityscape, portrait, surrealism and many of other one subjects.
I like exploring and discovering new techniques. I realize digital creations from photos old which I manipulate as a collage. I also realize when my digital creations are on paper of paintings, colourings and diverse mixed techniques.  I hope that these creations will please you .

Le petit clown Art Print


This is an abstract portrait showing the solitude and the melancholy of a little boy oblige to make laugh the others. I have to try to include with this melancholic face colors in the composition of my creation. I am to inspire of no other artist, the universe of the circus is a dream world in itself or we keep all our child’s soul. We are all this small clown at the moment or other one of our existence
I hope that you will like this moment of our childhood which I have to try to redo to live from this kid.