Mostafa Keyhani Modern Impersionist

Mostafa Keyhani is a painter who lives and works in Toronto.

Artist statement :
His work is essentially in be field of modern impressionism. Light plays an important role in his work, as well as movement of colours.
Mostafa’s work is about capturing the essence of certain light through effortless brush strokes and movements.He is known for his use of thick sculptural paint and strong, spontaneous brush work. He continues to work with subject matters that best capture the essence of abstract or modern Impressionism.

Mostafa Keyhani

Mostafa Keyhani, was born in Iran in 1954. Mostafa Keyhani studied art at Tehran and Dusseldorf Universities after receiving diplomas in biology and anatomy . Upon completion of these studies, he spent seven years traveling Germany and France, all the while developing his technique and style.          مصطفی کیهانی، در ایران در سال 1954. متولد شد

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