Richard Sanders ,Topiary Cat photos

Richard Sanders ‘s tribute to his beloved dead cat has taken the media by storm .

‘The Topiary Cat’ is an ongoing project to bring life to this popular character, based on late Russian Blue cat Tolly. The topiary cat has been taking social media by storm, according to BBC. Richard Sanders is a Surrealist Artist and have worked in oils and photo-montages for years. With the advent of computers and Photoshop he began creating photo-montages.

Richard Sanders ,Topiary Cat photos


Richard Sanders ,Topiary Cat photos


How beautiful his Topiary Cat, and how wonderfully he have blended him into his surroundings and able to catch even a glimpse of him.  Richard always manage to improve to the beauty of his artwork. Richard Saunders is retired after over 40 years in advertising, as a Creative Director. Has painted surrealist works in oils since teenage years. Also works in Photoshop to create surreal images.

Image may contain: plant, grass, sky, tree, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: plant, tree, grass, sky, outdoor and nature

Richard Sanders ,Topiary Cat photos #artpeople


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