Sculptures by Alessandro Gallo

Sculptures by Alessandro Gallo.

Alessandro Gallo riffs on the human tendency to attach personality traits to the actions and habits of animals. Gallo initially worked as a painter and decorator in London, and then started digitally manipulating images by inserting animals into city scenes in a humorous, nonsensical fashion. His two-dimensional images grew into three-dimensional sculptures of anthropomorphic, hybrid figures. The works consist of human bodies with animal heads measuring approximately two feet tall. Turkey Vulture (2013) features a vulture rifling through garbage, and Beginning of a Great Adventure (2014) is a pregnant rabbit; both sculptures reference the obvious yet uncomfortable links between the human and animal worlds. While decidedly surreal, Gallo’s figures are rooted in realism. Set in familiar contexts such as park benches and subway platforms, the animals embody wholly relatable psychological states.


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