KATYA Beautiful Fairy tales

Katya is making DOLLS for “BIG KIDS”.

For those who still remember the ROAD to CHILDHOOD: to the time when trees were bigger and dreams were brighter. I love the expressions, the costumes, the gestures, the colors, and her imagination!

Since I started to remember myself I have always loved drawing and creating things. When I turned 4-5 years old, my mum began to leave me home alone:  she just gave me some sheets of paper, colored pencils, plasticine and played me vinyl records of my favorite fairytales. When she came back, she used to find me busy drawing something in the same place. So, it was my favorite way to pass the time. Since then not so many things have changed… I still love to draw and sculpt.

The characters of my dolls are inspired by my childhood memories, impressions of traveling to different places, meetings with friends…It is a special language which helps me express my thoughts and my attitude towards this life…

Thanks to the art of making dolls I have found an opportunity to apply and combine completely different skills, techniques and materials in one work.  That is the magic of animation, creating an image, which then begins to live its own independent life.

My dolls are «dolls for adults,» for all who remain children at heart and have an ability to be surprised and enjoy life despite their seriousness. If someone looks at my rosy-cheeked fatty dolls, they will forget about their concerns for a while and smile, which means the best compliment for me. So, my goal has been achieved 🙂

Katya is from Siberia (brrr-r-r-r) and currently live in Cyprus.

More: http://katyafairytales.com/

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