Colorful and emotional painting by Eric Le Pape

Colorful and emotional painting by Eric Le Pape.

I sculpt and decompress

in an infinite and generous play in painting.

With the knife,

I go back and forth over the different flat colors, stretch them, to find curves, make colors appear or disappear and get reminders of tones already present on the canvas.

My colorful and emotional works are the reflection of my passion for Brittany  and in particular my favorite places and inspiration that are the bay of Morlaix, Carantec or Pont-Aven and its abers.

The small calm ports where the boats are reflected in soft or strong shadows, the bays, the estuaries are treated with large blows of knives, largely loaded with matter. And then there is the sea, in which there still sometimes ripples a swell where the wind shivers. Want to know more ?

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