I love paintings, both observing them and creating them | Stojan Milanov

I love paintings, both observing them and creating them | Stojan Milanov.

An artistis a person who ‘’sees’’, considers, and feels further, deeper and in a clearer way. A person who has the ability, will and the courage to present all that.

I paint because I feel it is the best thing I can offer to others, as well as to myself.

I realized this as soon as I started painting oil on canvas, a couple of years after a period during which I practiced drawing and sketching. I was 23 at the time, and this realization became a strong motivation for me throughout the years.

Being an artist is a great privilege and one of the best ways for people to develop and prosper as individuals, get to know themselves and offer something to others.

The thing that motivates me the most when I work is curiosity. It makes me question how far I can go and how deeply I can perceive things, and how I am going to present all that. The surprises that come along are an enormous pleasure for me and I cherish them.

Painting oil on canvas corresponds best to my sensibility. I consider mastering the drawing technique as a crucial step and a great tool in order to become a successful painter.

I respect the classical realistic painting, which served me as a model and was my primary influence, however, I turned toward a more personal, authentic expression with time.

When I paint, I try to find the equilibrium between the rational and the intuitive, as this approach suits me best. Realism as a base, combined with an abstract component creates an excellent bond between the traditional and the modern.

I don’t insist on telling a story or transmitting a concrete message to the viewers. Instead, I intentionally leave a painting ‘’unfinished’’, and in that way, I try to provoke the viewers and engage them in actively perceiving the painting in their own way.

I chose the motives for my paintings spontaneously, depending on the way I feel and on my current state of mind. It is mostly people, urban scenes, landscapes…

People, because they are a universal, inexhaustible source of inspiration. Urban scenes, because they make it possible to transform an ordinary routine into something beautiful, giving it more sense and significance. Painting landscapes is one of the ways that help me maintain the connection with the nature. It seems to me that people living in urban areas turn away from it more and more with time.

However, a theme is not the most important aspect for me, but rather the way of presenting it and interpreting it. I even think that the biggest challenge is making a good painting out of a seemingly trivial theme. This is a point where an artist is truly able to express his talent.

I allow myself to express my ideas freely, but always with a dose of responsibility because without it, this freedom could become quite arbitrary.

I paint for myself, but also for others. I love paintings, both observing them and creating them.


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