Watercolor Paintings by Jongkie -Luqman Reza

Watercolor Paintings by Jongkie -Luqman Reza.

Illustrator and Watercolor Artist Jongkie -Luqman Reza, Indonesian Artist.

Luqman Reza Mulyono or better known as ‘jongkie’ is visual artist from Kota Wisata Batu, Indonesia. He has gained recognition and appreciation on social networking sites such as instagram and facebook . Born 25 January 1990, He love drawing since 5 yo and begin to join arts competition (local, national and international) since then. After pursue his bachelor degree in Architecture, He tried to follow his passion in arts.  In mid-2013, he began to learn (self taught) watercolor techniques from famous watercolorist on internet such as Agnes Cecile, Marion Bolognosi, and Jason Siew by observing their work trough web & social media. One year later he decided to take it more seriously as a full time job after his works become viral on internet. The year was also the first time he participated in the second national exhibition of watercolor painting by KOLCAI (Indonesian Watercolor Community) at Bentara Budaya Bali, Indonesia. Yet, his dream became a reality when more and more people began noticing his work. He now works on multi-global basis corresponding with different people world-wide as a result of the interest for his work.

Watercolor Paintings by Jongkie -Luqman Reza

More: http://artjongkie.bigcartel.com/


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