Nus sacrés | Anthony Mirial


Appropriating an image to create another composition, playing with the colors and details and showing them on a curved canvas or on the naked bodies of his models who pose at night in abandoned parking lots under a neon light ; the light forgotten by everyone, a light that’s not fit for photography. the body, which is the medium chosen by Mirial, absorbs that light and shines every night that he goes out to photograph those ideas that he is obsessed with. In this serie, Mirial superimpose stained glass on woman bodies …

Sacre corps II,Anthony Mirial | Neon or reflected light. #artpeople

Fecondation In vitraux,Anthony Mirial | Neon or reflected light. #artpeople

Kill your idols II,Anthony Mirial | Neon or reflected light. #artpeople

Kill your idols,Anthony Mirial | Neon or reflected light. #artpeople

sacré corps,Anthony Mirial | Neon or reflected light. #artpeople


Anthony Mirial

“From the first meeting with the photos of Anthony Mirial, the viewer forget the photographer to dive into another world, a subtle cocktail that must decode the signs. A face to face then takes place between these bodies simply dressed tattoos. But would it rather paints on skins or the imprint of the sun on a window?   The purpose of the work is not limited to its graphics, it opens a door to an imaginary world, a mirage, can be reminiscence of a forgotten dream.   If art is a medium that permits flying in the heavenly ether; the bet is successful.   Yet the “naked sacred” is a delicate subject to the limits of blasphemy. But Anthony Mirial loves and respects the eternal feminine. He hides it in her modesty in the way of these religious scenes eighteenth century rhabillées in Puritanism of the late nineteenth.   Anthony Mirial is at the dawn of his artistic life. He displayed great artistic fertility. The originality of its approach suggests a real mark on the course of history of photography in the XXI century. ”   Hubert Konrad Co-founder Art Price