To close out the end of his first seven year cycle as a professional Fine Artist and begin the next, Rodger Schultz is very literally cutting up decades of his previous work and re-imagining it at a different frequency. The epically intimate and organically unfolding process could potentially yield a single work as large as 800 sq. ft. or more.

Foreseen and seeded in 2010, the project became manifest in 2016 when at the last minute, Rodger’s son Kaleb decided to forgo a planned gap year between high school and college, and began spontaneously sending in applications. He was accepted to all of his schools including his first choice (JMU), and Rodger cut the first pieces in grand design to cover the cost of all 4 years of school.  The project has been ever changing and growing from there.

The gallery shows a variety of initial testing and experimentation, which unfolded and continues on Rodger’s facebook Art Page.

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