Albin Talik |Paper Collages

Albin Talik  is a Polish artist , create Paper Collages that look like oil paintings.

Albin Talik  -“The technique that I use is called paper painting. This is something based on a collage. I’m trying to get the effect of oil painting with irregular brushstrokes. My works are made up of thousands of pieces of paper. Implementation of such an image takes me a week to a month depending on the degree of complexity”.

 One of his Series is called Pyramids. He added: “The heroes of these paintings are in the ordinary moments of life. We have a potter, librarian, seller, traveller, painter… The basic element of these paintings is a pyramid head. White and black. In each of us there are good emotions and bad emotions, good and evil. I try to show that we are all somewhat alike. We are all humans. It depends on us what we do with our lives. What path we choose. When I was studying painting, my teacher forbade me to use black and white paint. This series is my rebound on those prohibitions.”

Albin Talik |Paper CollagesAlbin Talik |Paper CollagesAlbin Talik |Paper CollagesAlbin Talik |Paper CollagesAlbin Talik |Paper CollagesAlbin Talik |Paper Collages

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