Sarah Joncas |illustrator

Toronto based young artist and illustrator Sarah Joncas

shows off mysterious inner life of female portraiture placed in cartoon and film-noir atmosphere.

“I have painted strictly solo female characters for most of my career, and I suppose it’s been about identity for me. These characters never necessarily represented me or had any autobiographical traits about them, but I was exploring ideas and concerns that were important to me and focused around allegories of the psyche. Whether that be struggles with loneliness, or an individual’s relationship with the environment and technology, or sexuality… I’ve always been a very independent, lone wolf kind of person too and painting solo characters seems natural to me. I have been trying to explore more male figures as of late, and have done a few paintings in the past with multiple figures, but it’s definitely a struggle. Maybe the kind of challenge I need to further push my work in the future”. Sarah Joncas  Via LVLUP

Sarah Joncas |illustratorSarah Joncas |illustratorSarah Joncas |illustratorSarah Joncas |illustratorSarah Joncas |illustratorSarah Joncas |illustratorSarah Joncas |illustrator

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