Bogi Fabian |Glowing UV Paint

For Bogi Fabian light is one of the most mysterious phenomena, a magical discovery.

Bogi Fabian work in different areas of art such as painting, sculpture, interior design, pottery, modelling, furniture design, video, body-painting and more.  Her art glows in the dark and works particularly well with UV lighting.

She says -“I believe that through my art, I must introduce people to light and this extraordinary range of its spectrum. This magical world full of new colors has so much more to offer than people believed in the past few decades. I feel personally obligated to elevate UV colors to the niveau they deserve so that the art world and the public wouldn’t pigeonhole it again as a sort of pop-disco effect but treat it seriously”.

Bogi Fabian:   ”  I am trying to create dreamy atmospheres, paint walls and floors and manage to enlighten my art with and without a source of energy.   Thus, the spectator can experience the result in the daylight as well as in the dark, and in that way enjoy it in all its facets. My goal is to create unique spaces and rooms giving them an identity and a soul, where relaxing and living become an experience..”.

Bogi Fabian |Glowing UV Paint

Bogi Fabian |Glowing UV Paint

Bogi Fabian |Glowing UV PaintBogi Fabian |Glowing UV PaintBogi Fabian |Glowing UV PaintBogi Fabian |Glowing UV Paint

To see more of the artist’s work you can visit her website:

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