Art & Sculpture Garden by Bruno Torfs

Bruno Torfs sculpture garden displayed over one hundred and fifteen pieces and his gallery housed over 200 works of art

(which included oil paintings, sketches and smaller sculptures). Almost all of it was burned in a bushfire on the 7th of February 2009 but it’s legacy is breathtaking!

The original and unique artworks of sculptor and painter Bruno Torfs continues to bring joy and inspiration to visitors from all over the world. Nestled among-st the luscious rain-forest setting lives a collection of unforgettable characters lovingly hand crafted by Bruno from clay and fired onsite in his kiln. Bruno has created a world rich with fantasy and insightful beauty derived from his imagination and inspired by his intrepid journeys to some the world most intriguing and remote regions.

Bruno chose to stay in Marysville to rebuild his home and restore the gardens. Bruno’s passion to share his love of art and the story of life with the world has not been damaged by the fires, in fact you would almost say it has been forged anew by the flames that nearly took it all away.




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