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contemporary artwork by Anna Bulow - ArtPeople.Net

contemporary artwork by Anna Bulow

Anna Bulow : ”At a first glimpse at my work it might look like I’m honoring ”the perfect”.

But it’s actually the opposite – The beauty I search for has nothing to do with today’s hunt for fitting into a certain shape or form. My faces are simply tools in a study of communication, balance and content.”  
The silent communication between people – these are some of Anna’s creative triggers and recurring ingredients in her work. She is not afraid of looking deep into our emotional life in search of inspiration. Her work is filled with symbols and each piece hides and reveals multiple layers of stories.
”My art are stories from life. Moments that I need to remember. Moments that I can’t forget.»
Anna Bulow (1975) is a Swedish artist, illustrator and graphic designer living and working in Norway.
contemporary artwork by Anna Bulow
contemporary artwork by Anna Bulow
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