Inside the colormination | Daniele Fortuna


It came a time in my life when I felt the necessity to share my inner world with the people interested. Art was my way of communicating. It was not a narcissistic need but a desire to create a connection and emotional exchange with others. Art is the way to manifest my most intimate feelings without hesitation and hypocrisy. During a hot summer afternoon for the first time I was looking at my parents’ paintings collection more carefully. I was interested in the material they were made of and their proportions. I started to imagine the story behind those paintings and what brought the artist to their realization. I felt a magical attraction like I was falling in love with those objects, their shapes and colors. I began to be fascinated by The timelessness of De Chirico, the red inflamed of Sassu and the gestures of Fontana and I felt touched by the generosity of these artists that have chosen to share their feelings, their passions, their fears…

Daniele Fortuna

the contamination of color inside

my sculputures are made by cut hand i use different tipe of material like wood and glass

, in this moment i folow the filosophy of the color how contaminate a neutral things.

all my works are handmade and i like to research the way colors contaminate our life, how color change our point of wiew.



The ludic and fantastic creatures of Daniel Fortuna leaving the two-dimensionality of his works and conquer the third dimension, Space. The bright colors and fluorescent lamps give a surreal and magical aspect to these innovative and original sculptures, which seem to come directly from an extra-terrestrial reality, but their features are often quite a meticulous craftsmanship, we refer instead to the hardness and heaviness of the wood. A material rather than the ground, to which the artist can not give up even in his stylistic evolution: wood, lets not distort the technique used in his works, which shape the pieces and assemble, but in sculpture form will be completely accomplished only in the moment in which all the silhouettes, carefully realized, will have their correct position in space. Each piece will be in place and our eyes will be able to catch the end result that will really surprise us!

you can see other peace of my works in!sculture/cted