Surreal landscapes | Toma Bonciu – Photographer

Surreal landscapes | Toma Bonciu – Photographer.

The photos from this album represent an interpretation on the landscape: they are the result of my own artistic vision. They present the landscape for what it could be and not what it actually is. All these photos are post processed and do not duplicate the visual reality.

Toma Bonciu is a fine art landscape and conceptual photographer from Romania. I’ve always been attracted to the visual arts and over time I’ve experimented different ways to produce images. for a few years, from 2005 to be more precise, I started to experiment more and more with photography and in time I found that for photography offers the chance to present the world as I see it or as a I would like it to be: beautiful, wonderful and full of mystery.

My landscapes are not a duplication of the visual reality but more an equivalent of what I saw and felt … an image of how that landscape felt. Concept photography is relatively new to me but the more I experiment the more I see wonderful paths open., Submit your Artwork and join our artists @ TO BE FEATURED.