Christoffer Relander /Double Exposures Photography

For over a year now Christoffer Relander have been collecting landscapes in jars

using analog double exposures. Most landscapes are from where he grew up, on the countryside in the south of Finland, where his roots still lie. Christoffer was born in Finland December 1986 and grew up on the countryside of Ekenäs. His interest in art started at an early age, but it was not until he served the Finnish Marines between 2008-2009 that he fell in love with photography.

“Reality can be really beautiful, but the surreal often absorbs me. Photography to me is a way to both express and stimulate my imagination. Nature is simply the world. With alternative and experimental camera techniques, such as multiple exposures, I am able to create artworks that otherwise would only be possible through painting or digital manipulation in an external software”— Christoffer relander

Christoffer Relander /Double Exposures Photography #artpeople



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