Hopare abstraction & figuration Street Art


“Hopare is a complete artist who combines abstraction and figuration in a dynamic resurrecting memories of Italian futurism of the early twentieth century. The modernity, speed, movement, the new man, his relations with the city, a vital energy just seem to animate the works of this talented young graffiti artist. the color strips intertwine to bring out the forms and faces of their support. Hopare travel and advance with its “wheel” feature and allows us to follow on this road footprint of poetry and magic in his colorful and organic universe that contrasts with the everyday greyness of the streets where it takes place.

His portraits are particularly affecting with this particular technique for “silk ribbon” delimited “son of nylon” black with maximum detail. The colors are vaporous and air, they submit to the movement of the line, line and important structure in graffiti. It is also this soft linearity gives it special character to the work of Hopare, sensitivity to each other which allows to identify with the timeless model represented.

His portraits on canvas still possible to feel a little more precision and tactile character of the line, we enter a more intimate dialogue within the gallery. The transparency of tone and freshness add emotion and resonance structure that invite us to travel to a distant also fragile and magical. ” Catherine MARTIN FAUCONNIER

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