Jon Almeda’s Miniature Hand Thrown Pottery(2)


Pottery is the most enduring of the human art work and there is no artist as skillful in the use of bare hands as a potter. Soft clay simply molds into icons under the soft touch of a potter.

Washington based artist, Jon Almeda takes utter perfection to a whole new zenith through his minute hand thrown ceramic figure with a length of 1”. The pottery’s tiny size does not stop the artist from making it quite a wonder with its delicate and fine details. The control to the figure was handled by a customized motorized curio wheel  which inserted fine details.


I am a bit of an extremist. For many years I was throwing massive pieces, the bigger the better type mentality. While browsing a book store, I came across a book called “Creating Ceramic Miniatures” that really changed my whole outlook and approach. I went to the opposite end of the spectrum and began working in 1″ scale. Throwing small really allows me to focus on the shape and form of a piece. It is a very meditative form of creation. I enjoy the process of making small vases and bowls that without any scale or context look exactly like their larger counterpart in detail and proportion.

Jon Almeda’s Miniature Hand Thrown Pottery(2)



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