Samsofy’s work


I am a French photographer born in 1981, and I began my work by photographing extreme sports in urban areas. Influenced by geek culture, my artistic approach is now focused on small LEGO® characters.
My work combines the techniques of photography, street art, model making and installations. In my created microcosms, I play with scale and material to alter perception.

When working in macro, in the studio or on the street, every detail takes on its importance. You should know to play with colours, materials, scales. It’s important to find the little tricks to fool the eye and immerse the viewer in a specific universe.

Mister Tea,new series Samsofy's work

Apocalypse series Samsofy's work

The Martian,new series Samsofy's work

Seriously ?,new series Samsofy's work

samso-itwas-web-3,new series Samsofy's work

Breakfast Level,new series Samsofy's work

Mr E.T

Great power leads to great irresponsibilities

Wasabi (okinawa island)

Yakuza (okinawa island)

Spider (okinawa island)

Snake (Okinawa Island)

Riyuku (Okinawa Island)

Samsofy’s work

Photographe plasticien Lyonnais né en 1981, samsofy débute ses travaux dans la photographie de sports extrêmes en milieu urbain.
Sous l’influence de la culture geek, sa démarche artistique est désormais axée autour des petits personnages jaunes très connus du grand public.
Il combine les techniques de la photographie, du street art, du modélisme et de l’installation pour faire passer ses messages, qui mêlent souvent politique, humour et poésie.
Dans ses microcosmes, samsofy joue avec les échelles et les matières dans le but d’en altérer la perception.
A travers ses photographies,  il a la volonté de partager son univers auprès d’un public le plus large et éclectique possible.
Vous y trouverez un échantillon de Ses photographies et créations réalisées dans divers domaines.

I am Sofiane Samlal or Samsofy, a plastician photographer from Lyon born in 1981. I began my work in extreme sportsphotography in urban areas.
Under the influence of geek culture, my artistic approach is now focused around the very appreciated small yellowcharacters.
I combine the techniques of photography, street art, model making and installation to deliver a message, which often mixes politics, humor and poetry.
In my microcosmos I like to play with scales and matter in order to alter perception. I try to take pictures that mixes the extremely big and the microscopic to help the naked eye discover what one can’t see usually.
I used to play a bit with them as a child like most kids used to. Then working in a toy-center I was already photographying small toys.
When my son was born I decided to stop working to take care of him, and to keep myself busy during naps I decided to create universes with my lego.
I like the customizable option that lego offers and the infinite possibilties it allows.
It is an occupation which over time has become more and more important, It’s now my full-time profession.
Through my photographs,I would like to share my world to a wider and diverse audience.

Samsofy’s work

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