Sky Island Adventure with CAI JUN LEE


Sky Island is a fantastical place based on collections of mythology, fairy tale, folklore and fantasy stories that record the existence of the legendary heaven realm. Symbolical imagery and motif were adapted from these stories, revised and fused with modern pop cultures. It provides a quest-like adventure to uncover this legendary place through a fantastical and playful approach. It provokes different intentions, forms and functions to enhance the psychological state of the mind to dream of other possibilities in this realistic and structured world.

IMG_8753 copy

Title: Sky Tree

Sky Box

Title: Sky Box

Sky Island #06

Title: Sky Island #06


Sky Island #04

Title: Sky Island #04

Sky Island #02

Title: Sky Island #02
Sky Island #01

Title: Sky Island #01

  • LEE CAI JUN is a multidisciplinary Singapore based visual artist with a Master of Art in Contemporary Art Practice from The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art in 2012. She completed a Diploma with distinction at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts under the support of Georgette Chen Scholarship from National Arts Council (NAC) in 2006.Cai Jun was awarded the Rotary Club-NAC Arts Training Grant in 2007 and the Arts Professional Development Grant in 2009 from NAC to participate the International Workshop of Ceramic Art and the International Ceramic Art Symposium at Tokoname (Japan), and the International Ceramics Studio Artist in Residency Program and master course with Maria Geszler (Kecskemet, Hungary) respectively.

    As a participating exhibitor and organizer, she has organized group exhibitions, namely Contemporary Ceramic (2008), 4 Elements (2009), Clay.Sound (2011) in Singapore and co-organized the RESONANCE and yì kè zài yì xiāng (2012) in Edinburgh.

  • Awards
    Georgette-Chen Arts Scholarship, National Arts Council, Singapore, 2005.
    Rotary Club-NAC Arts Training Grant (Visual Arts),