French Painter Surrealist | PIRO PASCAL

French Painter Surrealist | PIRO PASCAL.


The scene evokes the tragic attacks perpetrated against the United States on the twin towers on September 11 2001.Dans canvas upper left, the plane does not yet touch the towers on fire and focuses on the controversy sources Official relayed by the media, and that “the myth of a conspiracy” will be largely fed. Protest and mystery commonly accepted explanations (sources:









In the smoke architect Minoru Yamasaki WTC shopping complex emerges and expresses the influences of his art by his presence. The design of the World Trade Center in New York was built in a typical Muslim architecture fully paid by the employer, favorites of the bin Laden family. It is assumed in this regard that Osama bin Laden was an additional hatred for the Twin Towers because of their architectural style. He would have seen as blasphemous to build a monument to Western trade using the architectural traditions of Islamic spirituality (sources:

The central scene evokes the year 1776 and relates the 1,776 feet worth 541 meters, height of the two towers marking the date of the Treaty of the Declaration of Independence of the United States signed on 4 July 1776.Ce treated proclaiming the central idea of individual freedom is considered the universal text that marks the birth of the United States. The date 1776 is engraved in Roman numerals on the bottom right of the stone table: M DCC LXX VI – 1776.

The four white horses in the background are a reference to the four airliners hijacked that day by members of Islamist jihadist network Al Qaeda and make 2973 victims.

Fragmentation on one of the horses expressed through the continuity of the body disintegrates, the resurrection. Despite that history did these absolute non-violent martyrs will is essential to say that they rise, their bodies down here met their soul to rebuild.

The patriot on the fourth horse right, patriot or insurgent is the name gave themselves the British colonists who rebelled against the British Crown during the American Revolution. If going to heaven is the purpose that God desires for each of our lives, paid for by the blood he must pay to fight the use of terror whether political, religious or ideological must never cease …

Table depict two scenes in one, apparently as tragic as the other one (WTC 09/11 and 1776) evokes a positive analysis of “renewal and the struggle to maintain peace and human freedoms” …