Modern masters by Emarits

Modern masters by Emarits.

Emarits creates old masters with a new look, that is how ‘modern masters’ came into being. Dutch scenes of today in the style of the old masters. Remember dutch painters as Johannes Vermeer, Rembrandt van Rijn and Vincent van Gogh? They have travelled trough time and are now back in their modern country; The Netherlands. Everything can be expected. The most famous inhabitant of The Hague, the girl with the pearl earring, wearing jeans that is now walking in front of the famous palace ‘Noordeinde’, the working palace of our King and Queen. Rembrandt van Rijn on a bicycle doing some shopping in his hometown Leiden and Vincent van Gogh drinking a good glass of wine in front of his own famous painting ‘The Starry Night’ thinking about painting a couple of Sunflowers.



Mona Lisa modern

Emarits - Vredespaleis (S)

Rembrandt fiets steeg (S) kopie

Rembrandt fiets brug (S) kopie

Emarits - Vincent portrait

Emarits - Vincent on bike

Emarits - Paleis Noordeinde