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Stunning Digital painting by Sakimi chan - ArtPeople.Net

Stunning Digital painting by Sakimi chan

I’m always beyond impressed by Sakimi chan digital master artwork.

The lighting, shading, color palette, everything is astounding.  She have an incredible talent. All her works done very nicely on eyes and pose, the details and emotions are also nicely done. Amazing colours and posture. She is also know as sakimichan.

Stunning Digital painting by Sakimi chan

Sakimichan is the pen name of a young Canadian artist that is well known for her digital paintings. Such paintings include personified animal characters from Disney and Warner Brothers, including Simba and Bugs Bunny, as well as other fan art pieces that range from Naruto to Cartoon Network shows.Some of these fan art pieces include gender bends, where a female character is redesigned to be a male character, or a male character is recreated as a female. Currently, Sakimichan makes most of her income from creating fan-based work and painting tutorials on Patreon.

More: https://www.facebook.com/Sakimichanart/


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