Vibrant Portrait Paintings by Kogaone

French artist living in Lorraine, Kogaone is a realistic graphic artist

which adds overlays, deformations, and mixing textures to create unique portraits And graffiti paintings. “I’m not trying to paint a story or describe something other than a look, a light. I leave my photo library, I make photoshop assemblies, history where I go, as a basis of work. Then I paint. This is primarily a pictorial research, aesthetic, although I do portraits, I center my work primarily on painting. Thus the picture of the woman watch is born of a will of the work of matter and not of the subject. Primarily my inspirations come from the human face, the light, the whites. I like the realism and impressionism period as did Gustave Courbet, Jean-François Millet or Auguste Renoir with his work pure white for example. ”  

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