David Kracov |Book Love/sculpture

David Kracov ‘s youthful and untainted passion has remained his canvas throughout his lifetime of work.

Born in Boston, David Kracov studied at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design and began his career in animation with the Brad Pitt feature, Cool World. During his time as an illustrator, David began to experiment with different types of clay, and started sculpting the characters from those films he animated.

David Kracov |Book Love/sculpture


David Kracov, whose paintbrush is guided by the ever-changing muse of pop culture, whose clay is shaped by the witty puns of the English language, and whose designs are brought to life by his literary prowess, has left his unmistakable fingerprint on the world of modern art. Sculptor, painter, and animator, his hands have also helped shape landmark movies including The Lion King and The Swan Princess; Kracov truly understands how to capture the hearts of young and old alike.


Kracov’s “The Gift Of Life”, standing over 10 feet tall, and consisting of over 3,000 individually hand-painted butterflies, is a perfect match to The New York Palace Hotel, where elegance meets modernism. Inspired by David’s love and passion for reading and poetry, the pages of “Book Of Love” transform from the prose of the likes of Browning, Frost, Shelley, and Byron, into a colorful burst of hearts. “Book Of Love” is a hand-made, one-of-a-kind, steel sculpture, and David writes different prose and poems in every sculpture, so each and every “Book Of Love” is truly unique.


David was recently commissioned to create a sculpture in honor of Coca-Cola’s 125th Anniversary. David’s creation, titled “Open Happiness”, based on Coca-Cola’s newest slogan of “Open Happiness” measures 92cm x 92cm, and is made up of over 700 individually hand-painted butterflies.

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