Stone sculptures of Syrian Artist Nizar Ali Badr

Nizar Ali Badr is an Syrian sculptor from Latakia, Syria, whose stone sculptures

tell complex stories. Words are not his thing, but stones. Nizar Ali tells the story of Syrian families using stones to depict human emotions, and the suffering and hardship of war.

in Syria, Badr refuses to sell any of them for money. He believes they belong to the nation, not to a specific person. “My message is to distribute love to the nation, this cannot stop at a person or a place,” he said. “I’ve never seen a man die from hunger in my country and there are thousands who die by guns or on their way out as they try to escap.e” Badr collects the stones from a shore near his residence at Latakia, north-west of Damascus.


He tells the story of migration using stones to depict the gravity of the crisis and the refugee crisis, and his portrayal is painfully accurate. The scenes are minimalist and intimate, yet are also sharp and distressing narratives. People, family, love, children, joy… Sadness, sorrow, misfortune, war, death, migration, exile… Melted in the midst of an unimaginable collection of stone compositions and sculptures arranged by the artist’s hands, one can feel wisdom, simplicity, a great love for humanity, and hope. Nizar Ali’s stone sculptures are also a witness of solidarity among all the people of the planet whose lives are destroyed by war. Sources: dailynewsegypt








Stone sculptures of Syrian Artist Nizar Ali Badr



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