Adrian Sommeling ,Father&Son Surreal Photos

Adrian Sommeling is a photographer and digital artist who makes creative surreal photos.

Dad used his imagination to photoshop his son into amazing and fantastical scenes. After any years of photography ,he decided that digital drawing tools are more appealing to him. Since then he’s been creating some extraordinary things with his son.

Adrian Sommelin, based in the Netherlands. From 1990 he have been earning his living by working in the advertising industry. In fact, he have worked for many national and international companies as well as for different agencies and governments.

“In my earliest days my focus was on graphic and web design. However, some years afterwards photography, or rather digital art, has become my main aim. What used to be canvas, oils and brushes have given way to my pc or laptop screens and the digital brushes in photoshop”. Said Adrian Sommeling on his website

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